Frequently Asked Questions

Why wouldn’t I just do a yard/garage sale myself?

Garage sales are usually small & used to get rid of clutter and things that you no longer want or have a need for. Estate sales are much larger and usually involve the entire property or home. Estate sales are usually held due to necessity, you may not want to sell most of the items but you may have to due to unforeseen circumstances. Garage sales usually don’t take much time to plan where as an estate sale can take months to plan, set up, display, advertise, and price items for sale.  

Will I still make money if I hire an estate sale company?

While most estate sale companies do take a commission of the gross of an estate sale there are many factors to take into consideration. Usually estate companies have a background in appraisal which helps determine the true value of what people will pay for items. Estate sale companies are also aware of what is highly collectible versus things that are old but are widely available thus decreasing the value. Estate sale companies also have a knowledge of history, designer hallmarks, signatures, and symbols on items to aid in determining the value. 

I have so much stuff I don’t even know where to start?

Although it can be overwhelming, hiring the right estate sale company can make all the difference. The first rule is don’t throw anything away. What you may see as trash/junk may be just what someone is looking for. You should not feel the need to clean up prior to an in home consultation with an estate sale company. A good estate sale company will transform the home for you and see beyond the ‘clutter’. After hiring an estate sale company you should be able to relax and let them take on the task. 

What about my personal items? 

Hiring a reliable, trustworthy estate sale company is key. After the initial in home consultation it is usually recommended that the family or individual do a final walk through and remove any personal items or family heirlooms. This may not be possible in all situations. A reliable estate sale company will communicate with the estate owner each step of the way and ensure all personal identifying documents, as well as any potential family heirlooms found during the process are set aside for the owner to evaluate. In many situations things have been hidden in boxes, attics, basements etc. It is crucial that a home owner feels that the company they hire can provide them with the respect they deserve.